Stimson Center Research Paper: “Strengthening NATO’s Ability to Protect Project”

Earlier this year, the Stimson Center kindly invited Dr David Kilcullen and Gordon Pendleton from Cordillera Applications Group to prepare a research paper as part of their “Strengthening NATO’s Ability to Protect Project”. The research paper entitled “Future Urban Conflict, Technology and the Protection of Civilians: Real-World Challenges for NATO and Coalition Missions” was released in June 2021 and the full paper can be read on the Stimson Center website:

To support the research papers release, the Stimson Center interviewed Dave and Gordon and we are pleased to share the video interview on their views on the Protection of Civilians in future conflict. The video can be viewed on YouTube:

We hope you enjoy both the paper and the video which highlight that protecting civilians in cities will be a critical aspect of future conflict.

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