Guerrilla warfare expert and CEO of Cordillera, David Kilcullen warns that the attack on Capitol Hill looked like the opening move of a colour revolution

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DENVER and WASHINGTON, Jan. 8, 2021David Kilcullen, CEO of Cordillera and one of the leading figures in the field of guerrilla warfare, has warned that this week’s attack on Capitol Hill “looked a little like the opening move of a colour revolution, as seen in Ukraine, Serbia, Georgia or the Arab Spring”.

In an essay published yesterday at The Australian, Kilcullen describes that there is, in the United States, a “sizeable active component for a revolt, with a far larger sympathiser network and support base”.

Cordillera advises multiple city governments in the United States on urban public safety.

The author, a former Australian-American military officer now based in Denver, identifies a dangerous pattern in yesterday’s disorders in the United States’ capital: “Revolutions often begin with massive peaceful protests over a contested election. These lead to violence, which triggers a government crackdown, which provokes insurrection, international condemnation and, often, regime change.”

The specialist, who has written five best-selling books on security, is considered the world’s top insurgency expert.

In his article at The Australian, Kilcullen warns that further acts of violence may happen in the next two weeks, marked by a conflict among left-wing populists, right-wing populists, and an establishment that includes elites from both political parties.

“Each has its peaceful political players, its mass street activists and its violent extremists,” he emphasises.

“The notion of an inevitable, peaceful democratic transfer of power is dead,” he sums up.

Kilcullen served as the Special Advisor for Counterinsurgency to the Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and senior counterinsurgency advisor to General David Petraeus time Commanding General of United States, and international forces in Iraq.

He also worked as chief counterterrorism strategist at the U.S. State Department, operating in the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia, including operational activities in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

During 22 years in the Australian army, Kilcullen was deployed in East Timor, Bougainville, and the Middle East.

His latest book, The Dragons and the Snakes, has been described by The Times of London as one that “should be read by everyone in uniform”.

Along with David Kilcullen, Cordillera is directed by COO Alex Case, vice-president Roman D. Ortiz and vice-president and U.K. director, Gordon Pendleton.

The company provides geopolitical analysis and risk management to governments, corporate clients and NGOs in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The firm’s suite of technological tools, and its distributed operations model, enables Cordillera to help clients adapt and thrive throughout the complex world that will arise as a consequence of the COVID-19 health emergency.

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