Urban Public Safety


The urban public safety practice provides a future focused perspective on the security options available to planners, operators and public safety management to enable them to plan and conduct Public Safety operations.  Services include audits, workshops and tabletop exercises of existing and future plans and operations, enabling an external analysis to support current and future operations.  On-site consulting services provide increased capacity to update or improve existing policies and practices and remote access to oversee ongoing changes and improvements.

To date services include the Hampton Roads Region of 17 jurisdictions, making up the largest urban population in Virginia, to which Cordillera provide on-site consulting to the Public Safety City Management and their Emergency Operation Centers. 

This includes audits, workshops and tabletop exercises, pre-election evaluation and workshops, support to unmanned aerial vehicle programs and the provision of a Common Operating Picture (COP).  This COP is linked to communication networks design to better enable Emergency Operation Centers to share data and better coordinate beyond jurisdictional boundaries during emergencies.  Additionally, public safety evaluations and workshops for events and City infrastructure have provided key evaluation and redesign services to Virginia Beach, Newport News, Aurora, Denver and elsewhere.


  • City Infrastructure:  Safety analysis, workshop and revised operational plans.
  • City Events: workshops to provide external evaluation through scenario based problem solving top enhance City planning of high profile public events.
  • Emergency Operations Centers: connecting 17 jurisdictions through improved communications and the use of shared data to improve situational awareness and coordination.
  • Election Safety Management: workshops to unify jurisdictions before National elections to ensure coordination and effectiveness across all sectors of Public Safety.
  • Intelligence: national and local evaluation of specific and general threats to Public Safety provided through in-person briefs and visual products.

Clients benefit by accessing key urban and public safety specialists who provide additional capacity when evaluating existing and future programs for effectiveness and ensuring they are utilizing best practice. Cordillera can call on specialist staff with experience of both law-enforcement, communications and command and control environments to bring independent, credible and external support to enable discrete and bespoke change within the public safety and emergency service sectors.  Cordillera provide these services until the task is achieved, but can remain on call to provide updates or reviews as required.

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